High-quality scans – the base for excellent design pieces

The term “design piece” might seem a bit constructed, but it describes exactly what we are talking about in the end – a piece of design.

Original art is contained by its format – canvas or paper, oil or ink, photography or collage – and thus not particularly flexible. But if your intention is to transfer the design, in its essence, into another format, you need an adaptable, preferably digital, version.

Cut to: the scanning process – the essential “groundwork” for exquisite design (print) pieces.

Scanner of a different kind

As an artist, it is important for me that my art work is reproduced as accurately as possible, while also making sure that the original is not harmed during the scanning process. In order to ensure both, we work with the specialists at Wenzel Druck. They work with a state-of-the-art high-performance scanner, fittingly named “Hornet”. This machine is not your typical run-of-the-mill sheet feet scanner, but a flatbed scanner with high-resolution surface sensors and high-end lenses, capturing every detail. The original art work is placed flat on the surface, preventing material and colors from being affected.

The scanning process and the magnificent result

The preparations are not elaborate, making it a swift process. The art work is fastened on the flatbed and illuminated by powerful lights from above. Unwanted shadows are thereby avoided. Accurate illumination delivers original colors and details, down to the smallest nuances.

During post-production, specialized experts apply any potentially required adjustments – et voilá – the original is almost undistinguishable from the reproduction.

The next step is the production of high-quality fine art prints of the art work, as design pieces, available on our website.